05/01 construction update




work zone map

Extended Work Hours

The Building 12 demolition work will be extended to Saturdays and additional 2nd shift. Saturday work will start on 3/28 and second shift work will start the week of 4/6. This extended schedule is expected to continue until the end of May / early July.

1st shift 6 AM to 3 PM

2nd shift 3 PM to 11 PM

MIT.nano Tool Talk Seminar Series

Session No. 02 Slurry wall / pre-trenching

Join us for an informal lunch-time gathering to view and learn about construction techniques over the course of the MIT.nano building construction. More details to follow regarding date, time, and location. Lunch will be provided.

Building 12 Demolition

demolition of Building 12

View from roof of Bldg. 39 on 4/6/15

Installation of secant piles

Installation of secant piles in work zone A

Excavation for 30" CHW main

Excavation for 30” CHW main at Building 39 underpass

30” CHW main installation at Vassar Street

30” CHW main installation at Vassar Street

Expansion of manhole

Expansion of electrical manhole in work zone F/A (left) and new electrical duct bank in work zone B (right)

Fire protection reroute

Fire protection reroute in Building 8 basement to enable new tel-data closet