2/23 construction update

Two week look ahead


site map

Building 12 Demolition

Over the next two weeks, work is scheduled at the MIT.nano site to remove the bridge between Buildings 12 and 24. Some noise, dust, and vibration is expected. In the planning and execution of this work, crews are working to minimize these impacts.

  • Building 12A demolition (end February)
  • Building 24 bridge demolition (early March)
  • Building 4 bridge demolition (early March)
  • Building 12 demolition (mid-late March start)
  • Building 16 basement ramp temporary closure between Buildings 26 & 16 (mid-March, 8 weeks)

Work hours for these activities will be 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Some noise, dust, and vibration is expected. Crews are working to minimize impacts, including misting the debris with water to mitigate dust and continuing the use of carbon filters on building air supply intakes to maintain air quality.

Demo map

Building 12A demolition (end February)

Scheduled to begin next week with an expected duration of approximately one week. An excavator with a hydraulic hammer attachment will dismantle Building 12A. Debris and materials will be transported to an off-site sorting facility where eligible materials will be designated for recycling.

Building 24 demolition (early March)

The demolition of the bridge between Buildings 12 and 24 has been rescheduled and is now anticipated to begin approximately February 28. Duration of work is approximately two weeks.

The ground-level door on the south side of Building 24 (under the bridge) will be closed and available for emergency egress only. For brief periods the door will not be available for emergency egress. Signs will be posted directing pedestrians to alternate egress doors. Updated emergency egress maps have been posted.

  • The crane will lower the bridge to the ground in one piece. Brief loud noise is expected when the bridge is removed from the adjacent buildings, along with minimal dust and vibration.
  • The bridge will be broken down with heavy equipment and the pieces will be removed from the site.

Building 16 basement ramp (mid-March)

  • Existing electrical feeds are cast in the ramp. The ramp will be demolished, existing feeds removed, and new conduit and conductors installed.
  • Signs will direct pedestrians to alternate stairwells and elevators nearby. The single elevator immediately next to the closed ramp will remain available for individuals with disabilities only and is not available for commercial, freight, or pedestrian use.
  • Deliveries: folks who currently use the Stata loading dock and travel through the 26-to-16 basement passageway should consider use of the Building 13 loading dock, depending on the ultimate destination. The Stata dock remains available, and exterior paths from Stata to Building 16 are available on the first floor level.