Campus updates

Our goal is to provide timely information to help you plan and manage your work during construction. These two-week projections outline construction activities, along with associated effects, including noise, dust, and vibration. Subscribe to receive an email when a new update is posted.

1/30 construction update

Starting on January 19 through February 4 access to the south side of Building 31 will be restricted due to installation of site utilities. The entrance to Building 16 at Eastman Court will be closed until February 1 due to installation of power cables.

12/24 construction forecast

Please note that on Sunday, January 4 the parking gate at the driveway between Buildings 35 and 37 will be relocated to the driveway between Buildings 9 and 13. All remaining authorized Main Lot permit holders, maintenance and delivery vehicles should enter and exit the Main Lot via the Building 9 driveway on Mass Ave.

9/29 construction forecast

Building 13 perimeter site fence: Viewing windows will be installed over the next 2 weeks. Existing lighting along the north colonnade will be repaired.

Pedestrian safety: Convex mirrors have been installed at blind corners of walkway and at crossing at buildings 9 and 13. Installation of signage to discourage bike riding through perimeter walkways will be installed.