Campus updates

Our goal is to provide timely information to help you plan and manage your work during construction. These two-week projections outline construction activities, along with associated effects, including noise, dust, and vibration. Subscribe to receive an email when a new update is posted.

9/8 construction forecast

Interior work in Building 16: Installation of a temporary electrical feed through Building 16 will start on September 22 and continue through December 2014. Access to elevators and stairway to Building 8 will remain available during construction period.

8/29 construction forecast

Interior work in building 16:
Installation of new 16” chilled water lines on level 3 started on 8/18/14 and is scheduled to be complete in early October. Working hours are 6:00am to 3:30pm. A temporary work barrier has been installed for safety. Passage between buildings 16 and 8 will be altered at level 3 and level 2 for the duration of this work scope. A detailed plan of the altered route was sent out to the MIT community last week.