A nexus for collaborative problem-solving

The most powerful question at MIT: “What are you working on?”

Our students and faculty say that big ideas often spring from what seem like small moments: a chat in the hallway, a question after a meeting, the unplanned interactions and encounters they share with their colleagues every day. 

MIT.nano is thoughtfully conceived as a nexus to concentrate the collective power of MIT.

Its configuration practically requires its users to bump into one another on the way to or from the lab. With ample space for researchers from different disciplines to work side-by-side, the building’s design virtually guarantees that novel partnerships and new ideas will spring up simply because MIT people are irrepressibly curious.

In true MIT fashion, we are not leaving random encounters to chance. Meeting spaces and informal places for quiet conversation or quick chats are integrated into every level. And a ground-floor café and exterior Innovation Courtyard will draw people together and draw out inspiration, creativity, and insight.