A world-class, shared tool set at the heart of the campus

Where should advanced tools for nano research be? Where the researchers are.

MIT.nano will rise on the current site of Building 12, next to the Great Dome and just steps away from those who need it—currently estimated at more than 2,000 researchers per year.

Nanoscale work is inherently interdisciplinary. Engineers working with biologists to manufacture batteries from viruses. Biologists collaborating with chemical engineers to fight cancer. And because they not only share their ideas but also use the same tools, the new facility will be a toolbox for students and faculty from every corner of MIT.

MIT.nano will be accessible from all directions—and open to the entire campus.

No other institution prizes flexibility, cooperation, and integration as much as MIT. Unlike many similar facilities, MIT.nano will not host individual faculty offices, reinforcing its open-access culture. And centralizing maintenance, operation, and training for these costly tools frees departments from the burden of managing them on their own.