Ship in a Bottle

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Our foundation is science and technology.
MIT.nano builds on what we’re good at—and where we want to go.

Many of tomorrow’s technologies will be made from materials no one has heard of, because we haven’t invented them yet. MIT.nano will be a crucible in which the right combinations of experience, insight, and inspiration will give rise to unprecedented discovery.

We are a third of the way through a construction project that is, as my colleagues in MIT Facilities like to say, like building a ship in a bottle. Their diligence and dedication are taking shape as MIT.nano, right in front of our eyes, and right in the center of campus.

Eyes on the ions

Researchers created pores in a graphene sheet (in purple) and then placed it over a layer of silicon nitride (in blue) that had been punctured by an ion beam. This allows specific hydrated ions, which are surrounded by a shell of water molecules, to pass through. Image: Jose-Luis Olivares/MIT