MIT.nano Immersion Lab

Introducing the MIT.nano Immersion Lab

A research space at MIT for investigations in AR/VR, immersive experiences, and the display and analysis of spatially related data.

Located on the third floor of MIT.nano (12-3207), the lab is an open-access research space. Professors, students, and researchers from any department may use our tools to pursue their interests. Outside academic users, members of the MIT.nano Consortium, and members of industry may also access the lab.

The Immersion Lab's mission is to propel research and education at MIT by:

  • Providing the campus with an array of cutting-edge technologies to facilitate immersive experiences;
  • Broadening interdisciplinary interest in immersive technologies at MIT and promoting collaborations in art, science, and technology;
  • Supporting teaching in enhanced reality and mentoring MIT community members seeking to realize their projects using our facility;
  • Bridging the domains of hardware and software—and encouraging cycles in which advances in one domain spark innovation in the other;
  • Fueling experimentation and research in enhanced reality technologies through seed grants, shared equipment, symposia, and other resources.

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Call for Proposals 2020: Gaming Program seed grants

The MIT.nano Immersion Lab Gaming Program, in collaboration with NCSOFT, sought research proposals from MIT Principal Investigators for projects that explore software and hardware technology innovations for teleconferencing, communications, immersive experiences, data visualizations, gaming, digital human representations, and augmented or virtual reality. Learn more.


The Immersion Lab is a two-story cube, 28 feet on each side, outfitted with data capacity and equipment to support immersive experiences for research and teaching. See a list of current tools and capabilities.

MIT.nano Immersion Lab Gaming Program

The MIT.nano Immersion Lab Gaming Program is a four-year collaboration between MIT.nano and NCSOFT, a video game development company based in South Korea. The program seeks to chart the future of how people interact with the world and each other via hardware and software innovations in gaming technology.

As part of the collaboration, NCSOFT provided funding to acquire the hardware and software tools to outfit the MIT.nano Immersion Lab as a research and collaboration space for investigations in artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, artistic projects, and other explorations at the intersection of hard tech and human beings. The program, set to run for four years, offers annual seed grants to MIT faculty and researchers for projects in science, technology, and applications of:

  • Gaming in Research and Education
  • Communication Paradigms
  • Technology for Human-level Inference
  • Technology for Data Analysis and Visualization

NCSOFT is a founding member of the MIT.nano Consortium. The program launched in April 2019. Since then there have been two rounds of seed grants awarded. Read about the recipients from 2019 and 2020.