About MIT.nano

A new MIT laboratory facility for the fabrication and characterization of materials at the nano scale

MIT will construct an integrated nanoscience and nanotechnology facility with a mission to redefine the frontiers of research, exploration, education, and innovation. Dedicated exclusively to experimentation and instruction, MIT.nano will support the research activities of 2,000 members of the MIT community. It will occupy the footprint of Building 12, just steps from the Infinite Corridor, and become a central resource for creating “disruptive technologies” that could reimagine areas of:  

  • Personal medicine
  • Energy systems
  • Ubiquitous computing
  • Multiscale manufacturing
  • Sustainable infrastructure
  • Quantum science and technology  

The advances brought by MIT.nano will accelerate innovation and foster entrepreneurship by both defining the new nanomanufacturing technologies, and by preparing the next generation of technology and thought leaders for the Institute, the nation, and the world.  

MIT.nano will combine MIT’s strengths in nanotechnology, materials, and engineering systems with the most advanced fabrication tools and materials processing and characterization capabilities. The facility will give MIT researchers the ability to distinguish and manipulate materials at the atomic scale, create devices using those materials, and develop ways of implementing those devices within larger systems. The impact of MIT.nano will be on the broadest scale.