MIT.nano Scholars Council

The community that strives to build a better world.

The MIT.nano Scholars Council comprises MIT undergraduates, grad students, and postdocs from various departments across the Institute with a shared connection to MIT.nano. The Scholars Council is a bridge between MIT’s students, researchers, and MIT.nano, bringing people together, addressing challenges, building professional relationships, and creating a community among the many departments, labs, and centers that use the facility. As MIT.nano continues to grow and impact the world of nanoscale research at MIT and beyond, the Scholars Council will be instrumental in helping us advance our mission to build a better world.


MIT.nano shares MIT’s commitment to advancing a respectful and caring community that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion, and empowers everyone to learn and do their best at MIT. The mission of the MIT.nano Scholars Council is to:

  • Grow our community through activities and events.
  • Foster communication between our academic researchers, alumni, and industry partners.
  • Support MIT students and researchers in career advancement opportunities. 
  • Assist MIT.nano in programs that forge a sense of community and engagement, connecting with the MIT campus, as well as with the broader world of nanoscale science and engineering and the general public.

Join the pilot council!

MIT.nano is establishing a pilot council to help determine the Council structure and initial goals. We would be honored to have you participate! All MIT students and postdocs are welcome to join. Individuals should have some familiarity with MIT.nano's core facilities—Fab.nano, Characterization.nano, and the Immersion Lab—but need not be a user of all three.

Participation in the pilot council does not mean you have to be a member of the Scholars Council once it officially launches, though we do hope some individuals will stay on to implement the decisions made.

If you are interested in joining the pilot council, please complete this form.

Contact Shereece Beckford [email] with any questions.