Facility Updates

Extended fab hours May 13 & 14

On Saturday, May 14, we will celebrate the naming of Building 12, the home of MIT.nano, by Lisa T. Su ’90, SM ’91, PhD ’94, chief executive officer and chair of the Board of Directors of AMD. In the afternoon, we will participate in MIT's Better World Weekend.

To celebrate the naming of the building, the fab will run extended hours for regular / non-24h users on Friday and Saturday. Read more in this update.

Reviewing MIT.nano gowning procedures

Some questions have come up recently about MIT.nano's gowning order-of-operations. This update explains why we do things the way we do, to keep the cleanroom and your research as pristine as possible!

New Tool: Zeiss MicroCT

The new microCT from Zeiss (0.5 um resolution!) is up and running at MIT.nano. Read more about this tool and sign up for training in this update.

ARGH! Solving problems in the lab

Use ARGH! to report everyday lab issues, describe problems, and attach supporting photos of tool or other issues. Read more in this update.

Transitioning out of LAM Etchers & VTR

Both the VTR and the LAM590-TRL encountered hardware problems from the Building 39 power shutdown in November. As a result, we are unable to bring them back up, and the VTR and LAM590-TRL will be decommissioned.

With the AME5000 back online and the three SAMCO etchers taking on the role for fluorine and chlorine chemistry etching, and no tool uses since September on both, the ICL LAM490B and LAM590-ICL will be shut down on March 1st and then decommissioned.

Read more in this update.