Facility Updates

New lower level spin coater

The Spinner-Resist-L10 (new tool) is now online in L10. For usage/what-to-spin, it is identical to Spinner-Resist-U12. This new spinner has a programmable exhaust during spinning, which can be beneficial when optimizing uniformity on thick resists.

Read more in this update.

Major phase II tool moves complete

All of the major phase II tools have now moved from Building 39 to Building 12. Contractors are in the process of connecting the systems. MIT is experiencing delays in the process cooling water installation that will cause some delays. Read more in this update.

Stable conditions reported in MIT.nano during summer heat

Boston saw record or near-record temperatures at the end of June with very high dew points, so it was a good time to check temperature and humidity in MIT.nano's cleanroom. The charts in this update show the stability of the facility's temperature, humidity, and dew point (related to the amount of water in the air), over the last 14 days.

Read the update.

"Happy Complaint Hour" New Date/Time

The weekly "Happy Complaint Hour" is moving to a new date and time! Join MIT.nano staff on Thursdays at 4pm to discuss fab-related issues or questions.

Juneteenth holiday hours

MIT has adopted Juneteenth as an Institute holiday starting this summer. Because June 19th is Saturday, the Institute holiday is observed this year on Friday, June 18th.

As usual during holidays, the fabs in buildings 39 & 12 will not be staffed and will be open only to qualified 24-hr users, who must follow the buddy policies in each lab. Read more.