MIT.nano Leadership

Name Title
Vladimir Bulovic Faculty Director, MIT.nano
Brian W. Anthony Associate Director
Dennis Grimard Managing Director
Kathy Boisvert Administrative Officer
Tom Gearty Director, Communications & Initiatives
Tina Gilman Assistant Director of Programs
Whitney Hess Manager, Safety Systems and Programs
Nicholas Menounos Assistant Director of Infrastructure
Anna Osherov Assistant Director of User Services, Characterization.nano
Jorg Scholvin Assistant Director of User Services, FAB.nano


MIT.nano Staff

Name Title
Dan Adams Research Specialist
Shereece Beckford Administrative Coordinator
Bob Bicchieri Research Specialist
Kurt Broderick Research Associate
David Dunham EHS Coordinator
Samantha Farrell Senior Administrative Assistant
Donal Jamieson Research Specialist
Ludmila Leoparde Financial Officer
Gongqin Li Sponsored Research Technical Staff
Eric Lim Research Engineer
Paul McGrath Research Specialist
Kristofor Payer Research Specialist
Justin Pellegrine Technician B Electro-Mechanical
Scott Poesse Technical Instructor
Gary Riggott Research Specialist
Megan Roberts Postdoctoral Associate, Immersion Lab
Amanda Stoll Communications and Marketing Assistant
Dave Terry Sponsored Research Technical Staff
Paul Tierney Research Specialist
Tim Turner Project Technician Electro-Mechanical
Annie Wang Special Projects
Dennis Ward Research Specialist


Affiliated MIT.nano Staff

Name Title
Anuradha Murthy Agarwal Principal Research Scientist
Edward Brignole Assistant Director, Department of Biology
Vicky Diadiuk Associate Director, Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL)
Phat Vinh Dip Research Scientist, Department of Biology
Michael Hobbs Systems Manager
Thomas Lohman Senior Software Developer/Systems Manager
Bill Maloney Systems Manager
Mark Mondol Assistant Director, NanoStructures Laboratory
Travis Wanat Project Manager, Department of Facilities
Samantha Young Administrative Assistant, Mechanical Engineering