Advisory Groups

MIT.nano Leadership Council

The MIT.nano Leadership Council is an advisory group comprised of MIT faculty members and other MIT researchers. The council provides strategic advice to the MIT.nano faculty director on issues related to the operation, planning, and goals for the facility. The members represent an Institute-wide perspective, ensuring representation from across schools, departments, and disciplines. Meet the Leadership Council.

MIT.nano Internal Advisory Board

The MIT.nano Internal Advisory Board (IAB) comprises MIT department heads, deans, center directors, and administrators. This group provides the MIT.nano team with strategic guidance on advancing MIT.nano, to grow our state-of-the-art research facility and develop a close-knit and engaged community. Meet the IAB.

MIT.nano Faculty Advocates

The MIT.nano Faculty Advocates, along with the MIT.nano technical leads, advise on and advocate for the expansion and improvement of the Fab.nano and Characterization.nano toolsets and capabilities. Meet the Faculty Advocates.

START.nano Advisory Council

The START.nano Advisory Council steers START.nano, a program launched by MIT.nano to support hard-tech startups in overcoming the early hurdles to success. By providing access to MIT.nano’s state-of-the-art laboratories, START.nano minimizes the cost of launching a nascent idea, helping to increase the survival rate of promising companies and potentially shorten the time it takes for their innovations to reach the market. Meet the START.nano Advisory Council.