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Principal Scientist, Bioelectronic Sensing Platform, Kinovi, Inc.
January 2022

Kinovi is seeking a principal scientist with a strong foundation in nanodevices and biofunctionalization to spearhead bioelectronic sensor design, fabrication, and system development. The candidate should have a strong background in immobilization chemistry, nanodevice design & architecture, and nano-sensor analog signal measurement. They should have previous experience developing, characterizing, and optimizing functional nano-FETs or related nano-sensor systems.

Ph.D. in electrical/electronic engineering, chemistry, physics, chemical engineering, bioengineering, materials science, or another relevant field is required.

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Photovoltaics Development Engineer, Mesodyne
January 2022

Mesodyne is an emerging startup company commercializing breakthrough technology initially developed at MIT. Mesodyne’s LightCell is a new class of power generator that provides efficient, silent, reliable, long-endurance power from any fuel and enables a 10X order of magnitude improvement in run time for a variety of vehicles, wearable and other equipment. Mesodyne is developing products for the industrial, scientific, and defense sectors.

Mesodyne’s Photovoltaics Engineer will lead all aspects of PV cell development from structure design through integration and testing of prototype arrays: including design, fabrication, and packaging. Additionally, you should have the ability to test, measure, model, and characterize the devices.

PhD in electrical engineering, material science, physics/applied physics, or a related field with a focus on semiconductor devices is required.

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