MIT.nano Consortium

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The MIT.nano Consortium is rooted in MIT’s robust history of collaboration to bring our discoveries to the marketplace—working with others to push ideas and innovation far beyond the boundaries of our campus. Industry partnerships are a critical factor in delivering this impact to the world.

(Read an announcement of the Founding Members of the MIT.nano Consortium.)

For MIT, our potential to build a better world is dramatically enhanced through external partnerships. The financial support of the MIT.nano Consortium funds our operations, purchases equipment, and seeds relevant research directions. As important, our industrial colleagues also introduce us to practical problems blocking the path to a better world—and when we overcome the challenges, they help to deliver insights and innovations to the market. For our corporate collaborators, joining the potent problem-solving culture of innovation at MIT energizes their efforts and offers early awareness of the technological advances that will help shape the world of tomorrow.

Drawn from different industries and operating around the globe, the members of the MIT.nano Consortium share our belief that advancements in nanoscience and nanotechnology have brought humanity to the dawn of the Nano Age, an exciting new era for discovery, invention, and progress. We invite interested companies and organizations to join us in leading the way forward.