Member Benefits

The members of the MIT.nano Consortium help to support our operations, seed relevant research directions, and bring technical and market expertise to MIT problem solving. In parallel, members gain an early look into new MIT knowledge and technologies, potential to engage directly on research, a sustained presence on campus, and opportunities for recruitment.

Download our complete MIT.nano Member Benefits document

A summary of member benefits includes:

Access MIT research, knowledge, and innovation

  • Gain an early look into new MIT knowledge and technologies—and early involvement with the professors and their research teams.
  • Embed an employee as a visiting scientist in an MIT laboratory.
  • Guide MIT’s technical pursuits by providing feedback on real-world technical needs.
  • Attend MIT.nano seminars, symposia, and other events, including exclusive events open to Consortium members.
  • Partner with MIT on advancement of technologies and products based on the latest innovations.

Access MIT talent

  • Attract and hire MIT students and postdocs as interns and permanent hires.
  • Join virtual and on-campus job fairs open only to Consortium members.
  • Post job openings on the MIT.nano opportunities webpage.
  • Attend the Microsystems Annual Research Conference (MARC).
  • Participate as a technical advisor on thesis committees of MIT graduate students.

Convene & connect

  • Utilize MIT.nano toolsets at a lower rate than external users.
  • Become a member of the MIT.nano Membership Advisory Panel (MAP).
  • Access special events organized by MIT.nano campus partners.
  • Interact with event speakers through opportunities open only to Members.
  • Organize workshops, including one corporate function per year at MIT, with the help of MIT’s convening power.
  • Conduct research involving customers.
  • Receive, once a year, a curated list of opportunities for further engagements.
  • Deliver talks or participate in panels organized by MIT.nano.
  • Engage with early-stage startups participating in START.nano.
  • Collaborate with MIT.nano on the “Future of..” studies.
  • Customize part of your membership by directing funds to an activity or purpose of the Member company’s choosing.
  • Develop special projects with the MIT.nano director and other MIT faculty.

Download our complete MIT.nano Member Benefits document.

For more information contact:
Tom Gearty [email]
MIT.nano Director of Initiatives