Advancing nanoscale science and engineering

MIT.nano was designed as a vessel to explore the dawn of the Nano Age. Located in the Lisa T. Su Building at MIT, we are a shared resource for the entire campus, an open-access, service-oriented facility located in the heart of MIT. Any faculty member, researcher, and student—as well as qualified users from industry, academia, and government—may bring a project or unsolved problem to our specialized environments and conduct their work supported by highly qualified technical staff.

We are open access.
Researchers from MIT constitute our primary user community; individuals from other academic institutions, industry collaborators, consortium member companies, and other external organizations are also welcome. Every step of the way, our staff are here to enable researchers and educators to get their work done with as few barriers to progress as possible.

We offer a broad set of advanced capabilities.
Sharing resources through MIT.nano enables the MIT community to acquire the state-of-the-art equipment that would be challenging for individual labs or departments to afford or maintain on their own. The ample size of our research facility also allows us to look beyond the present state-of-the-art by seeding dedicated lab spaces where new nanoscience and nanotechnology tools, instruments, processes, and techniques can be reinvented.

We make connections, on and off campus.
Through its central location on campus, the facility is a natural convening place for interdisciplinary research. At MIT.nano, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and physicists work alongside—and collaborate with—biologists, materials scientists, chemists, software engineers, artists, and others. Through initiatives such as the MIT.nano Consortium, we engage with leading companies that span industries from around the world. MIT.nano's programs and initiatives create opportunities to focus interdisciplinary teams on urgent challenges.

We’re proud to serve this special community. The collective imagination, passion, and talent of our diverse researchers will advance the frontiers of knowledge and usher the world into the Nano Age.

If you are a researcher interested in using the facilities and tools of MIT.nano, visit our user portal to get started.