Research Capabilities

Primary research spaces

MIT.nano encompasses more than 100,000 square feet of cleanroom and other advanced research spaces. Our primary research facilities are:

Fab.nano: The shared fabrication facility at MIT where users carry out controlled processing of micro- and nanoscale structures

Characterization.nano: A set of shared focus facilities where users can carry out controlled characterization of micro, nano, and sub-nanoscale structures.

The Immersion Lab: A new research space at MIT for investigations in AR/VR, immersive experiences, and the display and analysis of spatially related data.

Annual Research Report

The MTL/MIT.nano joint Microsystems Annual Research Report represents a broad cross-section of the MIT community, with 90+ faculty, 121 students, postdoctoral associates, and research staff participating.

2020 Annual Research Report
2021 Annual Research Report
2022 Annual Research Report

Facility data and details 

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