Equipment Support Plans (ESPs)

MIT.nano is a shared-use facility that can also accept faculty-secured equipment that is not initially part of the MIT.nano shared tool set, accommodating this equipment for limited durations and dedicated purposes that meet specific criteria described below. MIT faculty can request to locate such equipment inside MIT.nano by submitting a request for an MIT.nano Equipment Support Plan (ESP). 

The ESP agreements are structured to assist faculty by providing an affordable, safe, and reliable environment that is maintained and managed by MIT.nano staff, in which to operate tools and instruments for which access is limited to the faculty ESP recipient. Each ESP agreement includes an annual fee, covered by the faculty ESP recipient, reflecting the expenses incurred by MIT.nano for providing the ESP services.

Application Information

Because space in MIT.nano for equipment outside of the shared tool set is limited, ESP requests from new and junior faculty (assistant to associate without tenure) will receive priority. Tenured faculty may also submit requests. 

MIT.nano leadership reviews applications monthly, and will notify in writing both the faculty member and the Committee for Renovation and Space Planning (CRSP).

Email with questions and to initiate an ESP request.