Looking ahead: Phase 4 tool installations

MIT.nano's phase 4 tool install is starting and will run through spring into early summer!

We will communicate schedules as they become clear, but we expect no impact on the existing usage/operations of the lab. Be prepared to see new tools populate the space and construction activity inside the cleanroom chases. Almost all work will take place in the first floor cleanroom.

Tools in the phase 4 schedule include:

  • SAMCO O2 diamond etcher (to be relocated from NSL)
  • Angstrom evaporator in L2 (moved from ICL, in location awaiting infrastructure)
  • New LPCVD and atmospheric furnaces in L2
  • New SRD for RCA bench in L2
  • Preparations for two new Plasmatherm RIEs replacing previous ICL/TRL etch capabilities

An additional tool install of an O2 asher is planned to help improve resist descum (this is a smaller project, not actually part of phase 4, but expected to be complete around mid-January).

Phase 4 will last through the spring semester. As the tools get closer to start-up, we’ll provide more details on capabilities and timelines for each. You can see the tools in the “Upcoming-Future” tab of Fab.nano in CORAL, and when they go online, we’ll shift them over to the relevant categories.