A new innovation space for the fabrication and characterization of materials at the nano scale.

MIT will construct an integrated nanoscience and nanotechnology facility with a mission to redefine the frontiers of research, exploration, education, and innovation. Dedicated exclusively to experimentation and instruction, MIT.nano will support the research activities of 2,000 members of the MIT community. It will occupy the footprint of Building 12, just steps from the Infinite Corridor. The 200,000-square-foot building will house state-of-the-art cleanroom, imaging, and prototyping facilities supporting research with nanoscale materials and processes — in fields including energy, health, life sciences, quantum sciences, electronics, and manufacturing. Learn more.

Campus life during construction

The faculty lead on MIT.nano, Vladimir Bulovic, as well as representatives from the MIT Department of Facilities hosted two town hall meetings in May to discuss the campus impact of the MIT.nano construction project. Read how construction of MIT’s newest building will affect the campus. Fill out the form on this page to subscribe to weekly construction updates.

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