Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

MIT.nano is committed to understanding and increasing opportunities that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We are a nexus for hundreds of users from nearly every department, lab, and center at MIT, also welcoming numerous friends and visitors from academia and industry. As a central, shared facility, MIT.nano is uniquely positioned to advance equity, opportunity, and belonging, side-by-side as we work in advancing nanoscience and nanotechnology.

You, as a user, staff member, affiliate, or other member of our community, should feel that you belong here at MIT.nano. This is your space, your community. We look to you for guidance on what matters most to make MIT.nano a safe and welcoming place to work. Reach out to us with suggestions for actions or activities, or to share your concerns. MIT.nano is yours to shape.

You can contact the DEI Committee by sending an email to MIT.nano-DEI@mit.edu or by sending a message via this anonymous form.

MIT.nano DEI Committee members

Shereece Beckford (she/her/hers), Events and Projects Coordinator
Kathy Boisvert, Administrative Officer
Vladimir Bulović, Faculty Director
Sam Farrell, Senior Administrative Assistant
Whitney Hess, Assistant Director, Safety Systems and Programs
Nicholas Menounos (he/him/his), Assistant Director of Infrastructure


As we begin to explore and develop ideas and plans for MIT.nano, we welcome your participation, thoughts, and suggestions. The DEI Committee meets weekly, and you have an open invitation to participate. Just reach out to the DEI Committee via MIT.nano-DEI@mit.edu.

As our activities grow, please check back for here updates. In the meantime, we encourage you to participate or learn more from the greater MIT community by visiting the following: