Tool Talk with Attolight

Cathodoluminescence spectroscopy for advanced semiconductor science


Thursday, May 7, 2020
1 pm – 2 pm EST
Attendees can join and participate via Zoom.


Cathodoluminescence (CL) spectroscopy consists of studying the low energy (~0.1-10 eV) photons emitted from a semiconductor material upon its excitation with an electron beam. It has several traits making it unique compared to alternative spectroscopy techniques. These traits include nm-scale resolution, fast imaging capability, excitation depth control, and independence of materials excitation energy.

These notions will be discussed and applied to a selection of examples of current topics in semiconductors including 2D materials, III-V semiconductors, and photonic devices. 

The selected applications will be used to convey Attolight’s approach to make CL quantitative, consistent, and repeatable, both in normal and picosecond time-resolved mode.


Christian MonachonChristian Monachon is the head of applications and product manager of analytical tools at Attolight AG, which he joined in 2016. He uses the broad scientific experience he acquired at EPFL (Switzerland), Northwestern University (Illinois), and the University of California at Berkeley to creatively solve customers’ demands and turn them into products and features on Attolight’s cathodoluminescence spectroscopy-oriented electron microscopes.

Monachon also co-advises a PhD student on a Swiss National Science Foundation project and coordinates Attolight’s effort in UltimateGaN, a European project aiming to improve GaN-based power devices.

Speaker contact:
Phone: +41 78 661 61 24