Tool Talk with Raith America—Oct. 15

VELION—A novel FIB-SEM nanofabrication instrument and its applications in nanoscale science and engineering


Thursday, October 15, 2020
11 am – 1 pm EST
Attendees can join via Zoom
Meeting ID: 945 8610 0937



In this seminar, Dr Yang Yu, Raith America application scientist, will outline the unique capabilities of the VELION and the motivation behind selection of gold, germanium, and silicon ion species for nanofabrication and nanopatterning, as well as review several unique applications enabled by the VELION FIB-SEM system.

The drive for overall simplification of direct processing at the nanometer scale, as well as nanofabrication of novel materials, has led to the recent technological advancement and development of FIB technology. The plasmonics and nanophotonics community has clearly demonstrated applications whereby FIB nanofabrication approach would be advantageous in delivering the answers to scientific paradigms on nanoscale science and engineering.

One important motivation for using FIB nanofabrication is the substantial simplification of the overall nanofabrication process, especially for the direct processing at the nanometer scale of novel materials. However, many of the traditional FIB-SEM instruments lack patterning resolution; stability; large, corrected fields-of-view; and laser interferometer stages. These are essential components in EBL instrumentation and are mandatory for plasmonics and nanophotonics, which often require high-resolution nanolithography with tight dimensional control over areas much larger than a field-of-view. VELION combines the EBL strength of precise large area patterning with high patterning resolution of the FIB beam to provide an avenue for processing of materials that are hard to process using conventional lithographic approaches while maintaining very high resolutions.

The VELION features a vertical FIB-column always targeting the laser interferometer stage. This unique setup enables high resolution and high precision FIB 3D nanofabrication for plasmonic devices, lenses, nanofluidics, metamaterials or localized ion implantation utilizing multi-ions for milling even on the wafer scale. With its side mounted FE-SEM column Ga free TEM and atom probe tomography sample preparation as well as process control become possible.

Earlier this year, Raith VELION FIB-SEM system was successfully installed at MIT.nano Characterization facility and is available to the MIT.nano user community.