Cleanroom policy change: Summer clothes

Effective immediately, MIT.nano no longer require users to wear long pants when wearing a bunnysuit.

This decision was made following user suggestions and staff discussions. Generally, the purpose of long pants is to provide a way to divert liquid splashes. The bunnysuit fulfills that role, because it fully covers the legs.

The blue lab frocks (e.g. for U2 & soft-lithography) do not cover the legs, and so long pants are still required when wearing blue lab frocks.

If you show up to the lab in shorts or a skirt, you can put on a bunnysuit, but not a blue lab frock. To enter the blue lab frock spaces (e.g. U2/U24) with shorts/skirt, you’d have to wear a bunnysuit.

This policy is similar to commercial fabs where MIT.nano staff have worked in the past. We hope that it will help make it less cumbersome in the summertime, by reducing the need to bring a change of clothing.

The closed-shoe policy remains unchanged (no sandals/open-toe shoes).

Signage will be updated later this month. Send your feedback, thoughts, questions, or other ideas to