Reminders about chemical inventory & requests

Here are some helpful reminders about chemical inventory and requests at MIT.nano:

The nanouser website has a very helpful list of SDSs for chemicals available in the lab: This list includes personal chemicals that were approved for specific users. You must log in with your kerberos to view the chart.

As a reminder, any chemical for your research that is not supplied by MIT.nano needs to be reviewed/approved prior to bringing the new chemical into the lab. You can submit chemical requests at

MIT.nano staff review requests weekly for possible safety and tool implications, and ways to mitigate them. We will start adding notes of personal chemical approvals in the ptc minutes soon for better awareness.

When requesting a new personal chemical, please check out the SDS library, in case another user already has the same chemical. You’ll still have to submit your own request, and if approved we can help put you into contact with the other user to see if sharing is a possibility (to reduce duplication/cost/excess inventory).

As always, reach out to with any questions.