Where did my samples go? A few possibilities.

All samples, unless actively in use, need to be stored in user cubbies or taken out of the lab.

You can fill out a request for a small or large storage cubby at nanousers.mit.edu/fabnano-storage-cubbies.

During our weekly lab clean from 9:00 am —10:00 am on Monday mornings, MIT.nano staff collect any samples left on tables or abandoned elsewhere in the lab. Samples are placed into our “lost-and-found” storage, and labeled by collection date. Any samples unclaimed after three months may be discarded without notice.

If you are missing your samples, ask the staff to help check the lost-and-found to retrieve them. We plan to create an improved (self-service recovery) lost-and-found methodology later this summer.

Help us keep MIT.nano organized, clean, and safe!