Winter break hours

During the upcoming holidays, MIT.nano will be closed to regular users during the two extended weekends (December 24–26, and December 31–January 2). We will operate on "after hours" schedule, and 24-hour users can continue to use the fab, like on all holidays.
For the four days between the long weekends, several staff have volunteered to help replenish supplies in Buildings 12 & 39, and to maintain lab safety including chemicals/waste. That means regular users can use the fabs 9 AM – 5 PM Monday (12/27) – Thursday (12/30).  All other times, however, the fabs are operating on “weekend” hours and only available to 24-hour users.

Please remember: any acid/corrosive work requires a physical buddy nearby, regardless of whether it’s after hours or not. If the staff is around, they can be asked to be your buddy (call the lab support phone). Similarly, if you want to use toxic gases in Building 39, please call the lab support phone to request that they open the cylinders, and serve as your buddy.
A detailed schedule is below. We hope this will help students and postdocs who are remaining on campus, while allowing us to keep the labs and buildings safe over the extended holiday.
Detailed schedule:
Thursday, 12/23: Fabs closing early at 5pm
Friday, 12/24: 24h users only
Saturday, 12/25: 24h users only
Sunday, 12/26: 24h users only
Monday, 12/27: Regular users 9am-5pm, other times 24h users only
Tuesday, 12/28: Regular users 9am-5pm, other times 24h users only
Wednesday, 12/29: Regular users 9am-5pm, other times 24h users only
Thursday, 12/30: Regular users 9am-5pm, other times 24h users only
Friday, 12/31: 24h users only
Saturday, 1/1: 24h users only
Sunday, 1/2: 24h users only
Monday, 1/3: Normal lab schedule resumes