MIT IAP 2022—Hands-on Fabrication on Zoom

Instructor: Jorg Scholvin, Assistant Director of User Services, Fab.nano

Monday, January 24, 2022
4:00 PM – 6:30 PM EST

Learn about micro-fabrication techniques, and join us via Zoom for a live fabrication demo inside the MIT.nano cleanrooms! Learn about thin-film deposition, lithography and etching processes at the micro- and nano-scale—and how to combine these techniques to build a semiconductor device (such as you might find in your computers or phones). For our demo, we’ll start by taking a screenshot in Zoom and then use the MIT.nano tools to turn it into a diffraction grating on a silicon wafer! At the end of the session, we’ll place the wafer inside the window of the fab, so you can come by and see it (safely from outside the building), whenever you’re back on campus!
No enrollment limit, and open to all members of the MIT community.
Interested undergraduates can also check out the >>>6.152J lab for a hands-on lab using MIT.nano this spring (you’ll be the one actually using the equipment in the lab—to design, build and test your own device ideas). >>>Read about the Fall 2019 course at MIT News.
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Note:  MIT Zoom is required.