Job opening: MIT.nano seeks research specialist

Job Title: Research Specialist
Position Title: Imaging/Metrology/Characterization Domain Expert

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Job Description:
*This is a one-year, term-limit position with the possibility of an extension.
This is an SRS technical staff position for MIT.nano to join the state-of-the-art microscopy and characterization shared experimental facilities (SEF). Will be supporting the facility’s characterization capabilities for a broad range of applications and sample preparation. The main responsibility will be to support users in the day-to-day operations and hands on training in the advanced cleanroom metrology and imaging equipment. This position will report to the Assistant Director of Characterization.nano, and the MIT.nano faculty and operation leadership. The MIT.nano facility is in the early days of its operation and it is likely that the responsibilities will evolve as the facility grows.

MIT.nano is an approximately 214,000 gsf state-of-the-art laboratory complex that will support more than 100,000 sf of new research and teaching space. MIT.nano consists of a: (a) 40,000 sf multi-level cleanroom, (b) 17,000 sf teaching laboratory, and (c) 43,000 sf of facility-intensive specialty research space. In addition, the building will contain approximately 114,000 sf of highly complex facilities space for supporting the programmed spaces as described above.

The facility serves a large research and development community of faculty, students, businesses, and staff by providing a mostly shared environment for fabrication, study, and characterization of novel nanostructures, materials, devices, and processes.

Responsibilities will include:
Characterization equipment oversight and support; Sample handling and preparation for metrology, imaging and analysis; Day-to-day interaction with facilities users, providing support and help when needed; Hands-on operation of characterization and preparation equipment such as optical metrology/microscopy, electron and probe microscopy, and auxiliary sample prep equipment; Provide training for facility users on the aforementioned techniques and equipment; Training might include formal presentations (classroom), hands-on at the tool / instrument, and assistance with development of training materials. Overseeing the scheduler to assure accurate records of equipment utilization; Supporting regular maintenance of the auxiliary instrumentation and carry out routine tasks such as lab supplies handling and inventory; Timely and clear communication to the users about schedules/equipment status/expected down-times during maintenance and repair; Foster an environment of teamwork and cooperation with fellow staff members, faculty, and the user community.

Minimum requirements:
Bachelors degree in material science, mechanical, or chemical engineering, physics, chemistry, or related discipline with a minimum of four years of experience in material characterization processes. Excellent written and oral communications skills as well as strong interpersonal skills and ability to work alone or within a team environment; Must demonstrate willingness to learn and perform a wide range of tasks as well as a keen interest in disseminating knowledge to and training the user community; Must demonstrate maturity of judgement, be goal-oriented, and possess a demeanor so as to function effectively in a highly research-oriented yet disciplined environment that requires strong interaction with faculty, students, and research staff.

Preferred qualifications:
MSc degree in material science, mechanical, or chemical engineering, physics, chemistry, or related discipline with a minimum of four years of experience in material characterization processes. Expertise in optical, electron, and probe microscopy imaging techniques; Solid understanding and ability to explain the effects of changing tool parameters on instrument performance. Hands-on operation experience of advanced characterization equipment (spectroscopic ellipsometry, absorption and transmission spectroscopy, optical profilometry, photoluminescence, scanning electron microscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, X-ray imaging, and sample preparation techniques preferred); Experienced trainer in one-on-one interactions or in groups, with the ability to convey technical content to a community with diverse backgrounds and education experience; Working knowledge of established and emerging research processes; Must be motivated to gain new knowledge and skills; Must enjoy interacting with peers and users; Methodical, hands-on, and detail-oriented individual; Must be comfortable with literature searches and troubleshooting technical issues as they are developed; Aptitude for learning and disseminating knowledge; Must be open to acquiring new skills as the facility brings additional instrumentation online; Experienced in the use of computational software (e.g. Python, MATLAB, MathCad) preferred.

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