START.nano 2021 Cohort

START.nano is MIT's hard-tech accelerator program. Eight companies with nanoscale technologies at the core of their business make up the 2021 inaugural cohort.


Atantares is a development stage startup in the field of precision medicine focused on improving disease management across hematology, cardiology, neurology and cancer by fusing biochip and AI technologies.


Azztek is focused on the future of chemical sensing, developing applications of novel nanomaterials and biotechnology to expand the horizon of what is possible to sense, and how is it sensible.

Cambridge Electronics Inc.

Cambridge Electronics Inc. is developing advanced semiconductor chips based on GaN technology to drastically improve the energy efficiency for datacenters, EVs, and and 5G communications.

Lydian Labs

Lydian Labs applies scalable additive manufacturing techniques to build thermally-driven reactor systems that use high-efficiency electric heat as the main source of process energy to accelerate the decarbonization of the chemical industry.


Mesodyne is building a new kind of power generator—the Light Cell—to enable reliable efficient, silent, and portable power generation anywhere, anytime, and from any fuel for applications ranging from unmanned drones and vehicles to sensors in remote locations, dismounted warfighters, and emergency response.


NeuroNexus is a neurotechnology company that develops and commercializes neural interface technologies, instrumentation systems, and analytics and visualization software for neuroscience and clinical applications.


Phenomyx is combining microfabricated tools with standard automation systems to build consumables and platforms for behavioral observations of cell interactions. Combined with bead-based microenvironment probes, Phenomyx is using these platforms to aid in the discovery, development and testing of cell-based therapies. 


SiTration is developing ultra-durable filtration membranes that cut energy use in challenging industrial separations by combining the low cost, extreme durability, and filtration performance of various state-of-the-art commercial membrane solutions.