What is MIT.nano?

MIT will construct, at the heart of the campus, a new 200,000-square-foot center for nanoscience and nanotechnology.

An advanced facility open to the entire community of faculty, researchers, and students. A convening space to spark collaboration and cross-pollination. A hive for tinkering with atoms, one by one—and for constructing, from these fantastically small building blocks, a future of infinite possibility.

Our students and faculty are calling for MIT.nano because it will enable them to do more—more research, more experiments, more innovation—and to make more headway in their deep and passionate commitment to serve the world.

MIT.nano will accelerate the pace of research at the Institute. It will modernize our research capacity and support vital research thrusts for decades to come. And it will lead to the innovative technologies and imaginative solutions that will define our era.

MIT.nano is one of the highest priorities for President L. Rafael Reif and the Deans of the Schools of Science and Engineering. 

MIT.nano will:

  1. Create a single facility with complete nano capabilities
  2. Place a world-class, shared tool set at the heart of the campus
  3. Create a nexus for collaboration and cross-disciplinary problem-solving
  4. Educate the next generation of leaders
  5. Power innovation at MIT—and around the world