Cleanroom storage: Price adjustments for cubbies

MIT.nano offers storage cubbies inside the Fab.nano cleanroom (Building 12) for users to store their samples, notebooks, and supplies. In addition to helping researchers have a place to keep these items, these cubbies help MIT.nano maintain the pristine cleanroom environment by eliminating constant exit and re-entry of these items.

MIT.nano staff have recently found that many of the double-sized (“large”) cleanroom storage units are poorly utilized. These larger cubbies were meant primarily for wafer boxes that benefit from the space. To better encourage good utilization and ensure that storage remains available to all users, we will increase the rental fee for “large” cubbies from $20/month to $30/month, starting January 1st. The “regular” single-sized cubbies remain at $10/month.

To start a new cubby request, complete this form. To update or "downsize" your current cubby, contact Kris Payer.

More information about Fab.nano storage cubbies can be found at: