Update on the TRL diffusion tubes

What is the plan for the TRL diffusion tubes in regards to the transition to MIT. nano?

MIT.nano is installing a new dry/wet oxidation tube in Fab-12 during Phase 2+ this fall. It is a more modular platform than the large furnace banks (e.g. sufficient to have 25 wafers capability instead of 75 per run). If we like that system and its platform (ease of use, performance, etc) then it provides a path for additional tubes in future years (oxidation, annealing, LPCVD, depending on the needs). Note, that timeline is primarily modulated by funding availability.

The ICL and TRL tubes will remain operational in Fab-39 during this transition. Once the new Fab-12 tube is up, we will try to encourage ICL users to shift into either Fab-12 or TRL (as fewer people are using ICL tubes, making it an easier transition). Eventually, when both ICL and TRL complete the transition, the tubes will be decontaminated/decommissioned. At that point, though, we hope to have adequate capabilities in Fab-12, as well as have created additional backup paths for users to access external capabilities as needed.

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