MIT IAP 2021—Explore MIT.nano live

Explore MIT.nano with live zoom tours!
This 3-part series takes you behind the scenes of the fabrication, characterization, and supporting infrastructure. You’ll learn what it takes to build and see on the atomic scale, how to create a dust-free environment (and why people in bldg. 12 fabs wear bunnysuits), how a floating piece of 5 million pounds of concrete helps us look at atoms, what a 1.5 Megawatt backup generator looks like, and what it takes to filter and air condition 250,000 cubic feet of fresh air every minute!  

Each tour will last around 1 hour. We’ll be walking through the space live with a camera, run small demos, and give you the chance to ask questions as we go along.

Part 1 - Live zoom-tour of Fab.nano
Part 2 - Live zoom-tour of Characterization.nano
Part 3 - Live zoom-tour of MIT.nano’s Infrastructure
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Tuesday, Jan. 19 from 4pm - 5pm EST
Wednesday, Jan. 20 from 4pm – 5pm EST
Thursday, Jan. 21 from 4pm – 5pm EST